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Do you have any products you would recommend for someone on the go?

We would recommend our Sea moss Lemonades. It can fit well in any purse or backpack. You can add to any meal or drink to infuse it as needed from wherever you are. Our double infused drinks are also perfect for on the go as they come in a reusable bottle with cap to ensure you drink does not spill

What products would you recommend for an average tolerance?

"Average tolerance" can be subjective. We consider an average tolerance to be of consumer of liquor. For customers with medium, to average tolerance, we recommend trying any of our Drunken Night drinks option. They are popular menu items

i always see your products and i would love to try them but i have no idea where to start?

Click the link in our home page and click the "shop" tab. Once your on the site you can browse through all of our available products. Our menu includes a variety of multi ranged dosed infused goods for all your needs

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